Quotes Omg!!! He is absolutely gorgeous I love him you are super talented he even came early I also love the goodies he came with awwwww the photo album I love sooooooo much he soooooooooooo cuddly Sasha nanamommy2001 Quotes
Jaden Romie Stydom

Quotes Hi Nita, I went yesterday to pick up the babe at the post office. I was at the office and not home so they left the card for me to pick her up. I don't find the words to explaind what''s was my FEELING...she so real and she' s small like a real baby. I feel like i hold the baby girl in my arms! It's so wonderful, so marvelous so fantastic!!!! I kept her in my arms when i ate, when i took the rest on my chair!!! I love her so much!!! Thanks again to give life to LELLY. God bless you and your family. Lyly xoxoxo- ledieuthuy Quotes
Lelly * Melissa Sculpt Menna Hartog

Quotes Oh, she is so cute!! I just love her. Ruby is happy to have a sister but now my hands are really full! So cute, love the outfit. Thank you for everything. There really is a unique baby look to this one. She stands out. I noticed that right away. A perfect gift for Valentine's Day. SQ Quotes
JULIE " Custom painted Hair Tibby"

Quotes My Lilli arrived last week to meet her sister Mathilda. I am now the proud Mom of 2 little ones from you. Your work is "outstanding" and I am so thrilled and pleased to show my babies off. It has been a real pleasure doing business with you. Love you lots, Ronnie XO Quotes
Ronnie Clancy
Best Reborn Mom returned for another!

Quotes Hi Nita - Well she finally arrived - and thanks for making me cry. She is just amazing!! I was dumbfounded when I opened the heavy box . This baby has more stuff than I do. She is one beautiful baby !!!!!!! This afternoon is library day and I think she might enjoy the outing. We will definitely send Christmas pics. I just can't thank you enough for the opportunity to purchase this awesome work of art. She will be treasured forever. Thanks again - - - Linda Linda Welty Santa Ana ,California Quotes
Linda Welty

Quotes Anita I love your website ... You are a fine artist keep up the good work :O) Pat 09:55 AM on January 08, 2012 by pat@patmoulton.net Quotes
Pat Moulton

Quotes My gratitude cannot be expressed in words for Anita letting me adopt one of her reborn toddlers. I missed out on the first auction for one just like her and had spent the following months regretting I had not bid more. One day, there she was again and Anita was kind enough to stop the auction and send her to me. She is the girl of my heart, and she is home now. Quotes
Susan Quimby
The Girl of My Heart

Quotes I love all Anita's babies. My heart is always open for one more. Anita is a wonderful artist. Thanks Anita for such lovely babies. Quotes
Happy Mom

Quotes OMG She is so perfect! Beautiful xtra's I am so proud to have her thank you Nita! She is so exquisitely lifelike that it is amazing! The extra items you sent with her are absolutely wonderful I love the brag book of pictures! Your work is very very very very superior. I look at reborn dolls on Ebay every day and there are very very few that even come close to her in detail and realism. I have seen some other "Tessa" dolls and they just look like dolls not little girls. I am not a mother in real life,but have always been a doll collector (I guess I will never grow up) She is the crown princess of my collection. I would love to keep in touch with you from time to time as I consider you her Granny. Thank you so much once again for creating such a beautiful girl. Cheryl ~madamartisticdirector Quotes
Satisfied Ebay Reborn Mom

Quotes I just adopted baby Noah and I am absolutely delighted with him! He is perfect in every way and is so wonderful to hug. Anita, you are an extremely talented artist. This doll looks and feels real and you have "reborned" him beautifully right down to the most intricate details of his little body. I fell in love with him when I saw him on Ebay and want you to know I will treasure him forever. Quotes
Melody Aldridge
Very Satisfied Customer
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